5th November 2021 | 10-MIN READ

5 Key Essentials Factors to Consider in Selecting your 3PL Company

3PL Company

Finding the right 3PL provider can make it or break it for your business. It’s important to carefully look at the key criteria’s that positively impact your business and make the right decision to outsource your products and services. Transport solutions are some of the most overlooked components when it comes to 3PL. While most businesses think how to get from A to B the quickest way possible, speed may not always be considered beneficial for your business. What should you consider? Here are 6 essential factors you should consider.

Good Industry Fit

Finding a company that does not simple work with a specific kind of industry helps your business in more ways than one. For instance, a 3PL that has experience in the FMCG industry will lack expertise and knowledge on industries. Look for a company that has experience whilst realising the importance of a company that understands your industry well. 

Solution Fit

It is logical, flexible, or out of place. Your 3PL provider must understand the requirement of your business, and as a business, you must verify if the solution offered is ideal for your industry. Consider the types of solutions being offered to understand if it is practical for the relevant industry. Are the services Value-Added Services? These are the elements to check before choosing your 3PL provider.

Information Technology 

Do they suit your business needs? IT is one of the most important components in logistics. 3PL use a wide range of software tools to make processes efficient. But what if the software solutions used by both parties are not able to integrate? Integrating systems with each other for efficient management is just as important as the service provider. 

Cost and Resources

What is the cost of resources and how are the rates applied to your requirement? Analyse if the resources are right according to the contract and the source of cost. The most important aspect in logistics is the level of transparency during transactions. Communicate with your 3PL provider and make sure everything is spoken about before beginning your journey.

Cultural Fit 

Patterning with a logistics company is not a short-term contract, but a long-term relationship. To build a long-lasting relationship, you need to find out about the people you are going to work with and see if they work well with you and your business. You wouldn’t want to work with people you wouldn’t get along with, so it’s always best to check before you begin.

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