11th October 2020 | 4-MIN READ

Bonded Warehouses in Sri Lanka

EFL 3PL distribution center with apparel fabric stored

In Sri Lanka, bonded warehouses are of three types: Private Bonded Warehouses, Public Bonded Warehouses and Freeports. Warehouses owned by Private Companies are Private Bonded Warehouses. Businesses can store their goods in them without paying taxes or duties prescribed by Customs. Warehouses that are owned by the Sri Lanka Ports Authority are Public Bonded Warehouses. Freeport  facilitates businesses to import manufactured or unmanufactured goods from one party of another country free of Customs duty and other levies for re-export to a third party of any country as imported or after simple processing, like, re-packing or re-labelling which adds value.

EFL 3PL has multiple years of experience in warehousing, and is also one of the first private companies in Sri Lanka to have state-of-the art bonded warehouses and a Freeport , equipped to offer all sorts of bonded logistics solutions.

Your stock is in safe hands when you decide to go with bonded warehouses established by EFL 3PL. Bonded warehouses are appointed by the Director General of Customs in terms of Section 69 of the Customs Ordinance of Sri Lanka, which in turn means EFL 3PL’s warehouses are legally authorized to carry out operations. Secondly, you do not have to pay import duties for the products you have traded or purchased internationally. This saves your money. Thirdly, storage is long term. You can keep your goods stored at a Freeport warehouse for a period up to 18 months, until demand is created for your goods. Most importantly, you improve your customer’s experience. Goods can be ordered and stored in the warehouse in advance based on anticipated demand, and when a requirement arises the warehouse will dispatch your stock without delay, meeting short cargo cut off times. 

Bonded warehouses come with additional logistic solutions. For instance, at EFL 3PL, they not only help you with storing goods, instead offer you end-to-end logistic management solutions which includes Customs clearance, loading and offloading, assembling and knitting, regulating inventory, packing, labelling and distributing goods. 

Not all warehouses let you store goods, especially when it comes to restricted items depending on the HS Code and the material they are made of, size or where they come from. Bonded warehouses like EFL 3PL have authority to store multiple item categories depending on the HS Codes. 

Thus, bonded warehouses are both secure and flexible. 


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