13th May 2021 | 6-MIN READ

EFL 3PL becomes Sri Lanka’s First Carbon Neutral 3PL company

L-R: Sajeeth Ilyas (Manager, Sustainability and CSR), Leroy Ebert (Chief Growth Officer –EFL 3PL), Sabrina Yusoof ( Global Lead- Sustainability), Sammy Akbar (CEO- Logistics), Buddika Hemashantha (CEO, Climate Smart Initiatives (Pvt) Ltd), Nishan Hewagamage (COO - EFL 3PL), Wasundara Samarawickrama (Sustainability Engineer, Climate Smart Initiatives (Pvt) Ltd, Russel Mendis (Assistant Manager, Compliance, Health and Safety- EFL 3PL)

EFL 3PL continues to forge forward, revolutionising the dynamics of the logistics industry with its five-year mission to achieve a ‘Carbon Neutral’ sustainable operation model.

Our accomplishment was not achieved overnight, but a series of systematic initiatives stacked since 2016, culminating towards an efficient and environment advancing operational model. These efforts have helped us, as a logistics solutions company, recognise a 90% reduction in our carbon footprint.

We initiated our first steps with our EFL Campus in Wellampitiya in 2016 by setting up our 651.28 kWp solar power plant, which is recognised as Sri Lanka’s second-largest rooftop solar power plant, generating 70% of the company’s energy requirement.

Additionally, our EFL Logistics Campus, the country’s first LEED Gold Accredited facility, contributed greatly, scoring a high 60-79 points in its assessment of occupant health and productivity, resource usage, waste reduction, negative environmental impacts, and decreased life cycle costs.

The EFL Logistics Campus is also ISO 14001 certified for its enhancement of environmental performance, fulfilment of compliance obligations and achievement of its environmental objectives. EFL was also the recipient of the Gold award for Environmental Sustainability at the National Business Excellence Awards in 2019.

To further reduce our carbon footprint, we practice the 3R system, ‘Reduce, Re-use, Recycle,’ in all our locations, including paperless e-flow, and smart motion sensor lighting and air conditioning systems, in an attempt to cut down on electricity generated emissions.

To help us reach our ultimate goal of full carbon neutrality, we have partnered with the United Nations Carbon Offset Platform and its resultant eligibility for Certified Emission Reductions (CERs).

CERs are emission reduction units that are generated by projects launched through the UN’s Climate Change Clean Development Mechanism, and the United Nations Carbon Offset platform allows organisations to support these projects and help contribute to sustainable development in developing countries.


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