25th February 2021 | 3-MIN READ

EFL 3PL becomes the first Logistics Company to receive SLS 1672:2020 Covid-19 Safety Management Systems Certification from SLSI

EFL 3PL using their state-of-the-art technology for employee detection

Reinforcing the compliance of our state-of-the-art logistics operation, we, as a member of the leading conglomerate Expolanka PLC, became the first logistics company in Sri Lanka to be awarded the SLS 1672:2020 COVID-19 Safety Management Systems Certification from the Sri Lanka Standard Institution (SLSI) for our fulfillment centers as well as our Global Freeport. At EFL 3PL, we take pride in being a role model for corporates managing their operations safely during a crisis, as our methodical approach to problem-solving goes beyond mere compliance, which has truly set us apart during these unprecedented times.


During the cusp of the pandemic, EFL 3PL’s Safety First Policy was able to identify critical operations and personnel and restructure work arrangements remotely as well as at the office premises, while non-operational staff continued to operate from home post-lockdown. Risk assessments based on vulnerability and probability were conducted considering all operations and a control plan was put into place, which consisted of strict workplace guidelines.


Leveraging on advanced technology, we were successful in implementing our in-house digital dashboard and mobile application, which provided the management with real-time insights across all facilities on the risk level. This included data on the number of negative and positive cases site-wise, the total number of PCR and Rapid Antigen tests carried out as well as more advanced intelligence.


Additionally, we also utilized daily management meetings, company-sponsored accommodation for staff at the height of the pandemic, a bubble strategy where color codes were assigned to teams for the purpose of carrying out visual segregation, and increased testing for COVID-19 on staff as well as on all new recruits. As a pioneering logistics company, we also take pride in being possibly one of the companies that invested the most on PCR and Rapid Antigen testing.


Meanwhile, as a company that leverages on technology-driven platforms in its business, we relied on AI-driven crowd mask and temperature detection systems (to detect whether or not a person is wearing a mask); AI-driven cameras were utilized to detect temperature and mask discipline in groups or queues, instantly notifying management and teams; 3D facility tour and live view options facilitated external stakeholder visits and cargo unloading and loading procedures were created and shared with customers to communicate to their respective transporters.


At EFL 3PL, we already hold a long list of global compliances and certifications. The list includes; Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT), ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems, ISO 14064:2006 Greenhouse Gas Accounting & Verification, ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems, LEED Gold, GOTS, and BSCI. These certifications demonstrate our passion for exceeding customer expectations whilst updating and adhering to the latest and diverse compliance standards.


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