31st July 2020 | 5-MIN READ

EFL 3PL extends support through a flexible logistics model to manage cash flows

Workers working in an EFL 3PL distribution center

The outbreak of COVID -19 disrupted local and global supply chains as companies raced against time to manage their working capital, resources, balance inventory and storage, and monitor other functions to ensure business continuity amidst a pandemic. Reduced consumption and import restrictions have resulted in a buildup of inventory levels of finished goods and raw materials, causing a huge strain on logistics, warehousing and the overall supply chain. The pandemic disrupted supply chains and made forecasting truly unpredictable, posing a huge challenge for companies seeking a measure of stability amidst such volatile conditions.


EFL 3PL, the 3PL arm of the logistics conglomerate Expolanka Holdings understands the pain companies are going through. Some of the common challenges being faced are more/less stock, varied utilization of warehousing space and increased costs of managing the supply chain. In this context, EFL 3PL has taken the initiative to support businesses to move away from fixed costs to variable costs. Manufacturers and traders can now patronize EFL 3PL’s warehousing, value added services (VAS) and fulfillment services with little or no minimum commitment with a pay as you go billing model for general logistics requirements.


Sammy Akbar - Director – EFL 3PL & Freeport elaborates: “One of the biggest challenges faced by manufacturers, retailers and traders is the ability to bring their supply chains under control due to unpredictable business peaks and valleys. This is where EFL 3PL can help, by matching logistics demand with supply supported by a flexible billing model. We feel that this type of model will be here to stay, due to the nature of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) events we have been facing and will continue to face, as such EFL 3PL will continue to leave a provision of its infrastructure and handling capacity to provide a flexible model to businesses”.


EFL 3PL is heavily compliant in many verticals such as FMCG, pharma, apparel, tech etc. as it adheres to different compliance requirements, such as food grade standards, humidity and temperature controls, etc. The company also maintains the highest warehousing standards in the country with a focus on using technology to deliver agility, scalability and accuracy.

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