15th January 2021 | 6-MIN READ

EFL 3PL gives Quickee.lk a mega boost in the New Year

EFL 3PL | gives Quickee.lk a mega boost in the New Year

Friday 15th January 2021, Colombo: EFL 3PL, the most technologically advanced forerunner in 3PL in Sri Lanka, marks its foray into e-commerce by taking over the hyperlocal delivery company, Quickee.lk, from its parent group Expolanka PLC, a leading conglomerate with interests in Logistics, Leisure and Investments. EFL 3PL’s strategic management of Quickee.lk reflects greater synergies between the two companies and its envisioning of a new business model for Quickee.lk which is better aligned to EFL’s dynamic 3PL capabilities since it is equipped with a fulfilment centre within Colombo limits to further enhance speed and efficiency in Quickee.lk’s service. Set up in 2013, Quickee.lk commenced its modest operations delivering snacks and then slowly progressed to adding restaurants and thereafter the B2B business and captured a strong customer database of organic consumers located within central Colombo. In 2019 it was taken over by Expolanka Holdings PLC. EFL 3PL’s expertise will cement Quickee.lk’s leadership at the forefront of a convenience-led retail revolution in Sri Lanka.  

EFL 3PL’s interest in Quickee.lk marks a new business arm for the reputed 3PL company, effectively rendering Quickee.lk a B2B2C. EFL 3PL is heavily compliant in different verticals such as FMCG, pharma, apparel, tech etc. as it adheres to different compliance requirements, such as food grade standards, humidity and temperature controls etc. making it the ideal partner to upscale Quickee.lk’s operations rapidly. EFL 3PL also maintains the highest fulfillment standards in the country with a focus on using technology to deliver agility, scalability and accuracy. The backend operation will eventually be run on world-class technology which have been already tried and tested on diverse industry verticals and is capable of handling complex operations involving a multitude of SKUs. Over the next quarter, EFL 3PL expects Quickee.lk’s front end operations to see a major enhancement, which is exciting news for Quickee.lk’s loyal customer base.  

Commenting on the milestone, Leroy Ebert - Chief Growth Officer – EFL 3PL & Quickee.lk said: “As an agile 3PL, there is a lot that we can bring to the table as well as a lot that 3PL can learn from the e-commerce supply chain model. Since speed is the new currency, Quickee.lk will help us enhance our service offerings to the existing and potential 3PL customers, making us the only 3PL to own and run an e-commerce marketplace in Sri Lanka.” 

Mariam Moosa from Founder/Manager - Operations of Quickee.lk added: "The infrastructure that EFL 3PL has is unparalleled. Quickee.lk can enhance its service offering to discerning clients requiring quality service in a jiffy. Having a professional team backing Quickee.lk will contribute to enhancing the client experience and uplift the industry as a whole to the next level.”


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