28th April 2021 | 6-MIN READ

EFL 3PL strengthens its Pharmaceutical Logistics position by becoming the 1st GDP Certified 3PL Service Provider

EFL 3PL team receiving the GDP certification from the Bureau Veritas

EFL 3PL is now the first logistics company in Sri Lanka to be certified by the Bureau Veritas as a ‘GDP certified 3PL service provider’ for its pharmaceutical supply chain. This certification enhances our commitment to expand our pharma vertical while pressing on with our vision to offer revolutionary compliance standards to our customers.

The Good Distribution Practices (GDP) Certification for Pharmaceuticals secured by EFL 3PL demonstrates our dedication to ensure distribution practices and quality is achieved in every aspect of our service offerings. Receiving the certification reveals the consistent quality management systems in place throughout our supply chain, from the early delivery of raw materials, manufacturing plants, to the final shipment of finished drugs to the customer.

Considering the tenure of EFL’s endeavour in pharma, we established ourselves as pioneers in healthcare logistics in a very short span of time, whilst reassuring that cargo is stored, managed and transported in the best possible manner in accordance with global best practices.

To achieve this milestone, highly-qualified independent auditors analysed various facets of EFL 3PL’s operations, including organization and management, personnel, quality systems including the traceability process, premises, warehousing and storage (storage condition and stock control) transportation and products in transit, complaint handling and many other critical areas, assessing every little detail to cement the merit of EFL 3PL.

EFL 3PL continues to revolutionise the logistics industry, lifting the standard of the 3PL industry to greater heights. The GDP certification proves vital to our progress and growth, further driving us to the future.

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