8th January 2021 | 2-MIN READ

EFL steps up to play a key role in the rejuvenation of Sri Lanka Rugby

EFL, the most technologically advanced forerunner in supply chain and logistics in Sri Lanka, reaffirmed its support to the sport of rugby by stepping forward as a main sponsor for both the Sri Lanka Rugby National Women’s 7s and Under U24 Men’s teams. EFL has pledged to become a main sponsor during these challenging times, in order to empower the national teams. Players will proudly sport the EFL logo on their jerseys and other rugby gear.

EFL is already strongly associated with the sport of rugby, having previously forged ties and helping with the revival of the Havelock Sports Club. Furthermore, it has supported the Sri Lanka Referees’ Association along with schools rugby over the past years. EFL also owns and manages the Colombo Football Club, which incidentally went on to win the President’s Cup in 2020, whilst having sponsored the Mercantile Volleyball Association for a number of years.

Commenting on the new sporting alliance, EFL Managing Director Saif Yusoof said, “We have long considered ourselves a serious patron of sports because we believe the lessons learnt help us to enhance our competitiveness and team spirit. We are hopeful that this support will set the paving stone to build a valuable talent pool for rugby all the way up to the national level, so that Sri Lanka can compete on the world stage with a strong and skilled team.”

Considering its affinity to support sports in the nation, EFL’s work culture also reflects a strong push for sporting events, counting five national rugby players amongst staff and an equally compelling sense of competitiveness and camaraderie as the team works together to take the company to the forefront of the logistics industry.

Sri Lanka Rugby President Rizly Illyas said: “This is a significant partnership for the development of women’s rugby and a pathway to nurture young talent. This partnership is a testament of Sri Lanka Rugby’s commitment to support the vision and mission of Minister of Sports Namal Rajapaksa to raise the standards of all sports. Our partnership with EFL began when EFL stepped forward during times of uncertainty to help Sri Lanka Rugby by airfreighting kids’ rugby balls from Mumbai. When I went to thank EFL for their generosity, we learned about their commitment to gender equality and their interest to champion and develop women’s rugby as well as inspire young talent to play rugby.”

Sri Lanka Rugby Vice President and Chairman of Women’s Development and High Performance Rear Admiral H.A.U.D. Hettiarachchi said, “This year we will have a special drive through the Provincial Unions to double our numbers, identify talent and increase competitiveness in our national side.”

Sri Lanka Rugby Consultant Kevin Herft, EFL Global Head Air Freight Irshad Razack, Sri Lanka Rugby President Rizly Illyas, Sri Lanka Rugby Vice President and Chairman of Women’s Development and High Performance Rear Admiral H.A.U.D. Hettiarachchi, EFL Managing Director Saif Yusoof, Sri Lanka Rugby Secretary Jude Pillai, EFL 3PL Director Sammy Akbar and EFL 3PL Chief Growth Officer Leroy Ebert commemorating the partnership between EFL and Sri Lanka Rugby


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