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Logistics Jobs are Anything but Mediocre

EFL 3PL work shop


Logistics and Supply Chain Management is one of the fastest-growing career fields in the world. Yet, the growing misconceptions about logistics call it a 'boring' job. 


The sophistication surrounding the field of logistics is often underrated. The complex steps taken in successfully delivering products that are demanded by consumers are often left unrecognized. It is because even the notion of how a package arrives at the door-step is considered rudimentary.  


In a country like Sri Lanka that sees timely changes in several domains with the rapid evolvement of career requirements, logistics is a versatile and foundational field capable of generating professionals with cross-industry expertise. 


Contributing to approximately 2.5% of the nation's GDP (Gross Domestic Product), the Sri Lankan logistics industry provides full-time careers to over 40,000 people. However, due to the increased misconceptions about the logistics sector, logistics companies in Sri Lanka are compelled to address the gap between professional requirements and the current market needs in the domain of education.  Addressing this gap is of paramount importance to the logistics industry  as the misconceptions have also limited potential candidates from exploring global career opportunities.   


How Does EFL 3PL Carry Out Logistics in the Company Differently? 


After all, logistics is not a boring field but a challenging one. Nevertheless, EFL, a member of Expolanka Holdings, a global logistics conglomerate, took up the field of logistics as a challenge to mould logistics professionals and industry professionals. 


Ranked 26th and 44th globally for air and sea freight forwarding respectively,  EFL Logistics Park discredits the conventional limits and norms about the logistics sector. By establishing the most modern, one-of-a-kind facility in Sri Lanka, located merely 500 meters away from Colombo city limits, EFL not only stands out as one of the pioneering supply chain companies but also provides the opportunity for aspiring logistics professionals. EFL helps the logistic professionals to understand the concepts of; Modern Warehousing, Ocean Freight, Air Freight, transport, clearance, bonded warehousing and e-commerce fulfilment across distinguished industries. These industries include; Apparel, Hi-Tech, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals and Telecommunications.


EFL also provides their staff with the opportunity of witnessing the largest transport fleet in Sri Lanka being monitored and managed within its facility. 


Providing learning opportunities along with career opportunities, is a healthy corporate environment for aspiring professionals in Sri Lanka. Aimed at offering a single-window logistics experience for clients, Logistics Park enables staff to learn the entire gamut of logistics. 


EFL is also dedicated to ensuring the safety of all of its staff and clients, assuring to be one of the safest working environments along with ample recreational opportunities to balance work and leisure.  


Training Opportunities at EFL Logistics Park 


Located within immediate vicinity to the Colombo Port, and brief driving distance to the Katunayake International Airport, Logistics Park provides their staff with an environment to receive on the job training on Bonded Warehousing regulations, as it is authorised to perform Business Operating Income and Sri Lanka Customs Verifications within the premises. 


Employees get an opportunity to witness and participate in the planning, execution, and monitoring of value-added services such as pick and pack, ratio packing, labelling, tagging and product bundling, while handling specialised cargo, as per client requirements in the 3PL setting. This does not only benefit the employees by giving them a broad understanding of logistics but also gives them hands-on experience and a wide array of opportunities to improve their logistic skills.


Apart from this, EFL 3PL also has a well-developed training curriculum on robotic process automation (RPA), mobile app development and business intelligence platforms. This has provided them with the opportunity to work with the best-in-class technology "High Jump", their tier-one Warehouse Management Software (WMS) and Transport Management System (TMS) managing the largest fleet of over 2,000 vehicles.    




EFL's ability to establish such a 3PL training setting for the logistics professionals has led the company to receive  several accreditations for the strict standards and compliance. 


Being the first LEED Gold accredited facility in Sri Lanka, compliant with ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems, EFL makes its 3PL setting to be the most sustainable distribution center in the island, where 80% of its energy requirement is produced through more than 2,500 solar panels. 


Values of EFL that Add Colour to the Logistics Sector 


Nurturing more than 70+ fully grown trees on site, EFL has the greenest warehousing facility in Sri Lanka. EFL also carries out a system usage supporting paperless operations, LED lighting, incentives to use electric vehicles and much more. 


Logistics Park uses natural light in its storage areas, providing their staff with a pleasant environment. In addition to this, the client inspection area also enables the employees to witness Garment Quality Inspection and Consolidation Centre operations.


Ultimately, with all it's innovative methods of facilitating logistics and logisticians, EFL holds the pride of placing more Sri Lankans internationally than any other logistics company in Sri Lanka. Logistics continue to be a highly sought-after sector for employees worldwide, and undoubtedly, EFL stands out in providing the platform for aspiring individuals to explore a global career in the field of logistics.  










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