22nd June 2021 | 9-MIN READ

Our Journey Towards Sustainability

EFL 3PL Journey Towards Sustainability

The world, now more than ever, is determined to reverse the effects of climate change that changed the climate cycle for the worse. And it is just as important for industry-leading companies to understand the imminent threat, mitigate and possibly reverse these effects for future betterment,

EFL 3PL is a 3rd party logistics company that has realised this fact and has been working actively, partnering with institutions and governing bodies, to do its part and reverse the effects of a potentially dangerous future. These initiatives have been an ongoing journey over the past five years. 

With a goal to make our facilities carbon neutral, we have travelled leaps and bound to power our Orugodawatta warehouse, the country’s first LEED Gold Accredited facility, with hi-tech systems and solar power plants, further extending our reach to a sustainable business model. In addition to our green facilities, our pledge to make the planet greener continues in our efforts of giving back to nature by nurturing 225+ trees and our Bundala reforestation Initiative, where we would plant over 125,000 trees to revive the precious forests of Sri Lanka. This is an indication of our pledge to achieve a sustainable warehouse management model for a greener future.

It is just as important to reduce our carbon footprint whilst adopting sustainable practices proved to drive results. In tandem with our 3R system, ‘Reduce, Re-use, Recycle,’ we capitalise on the use of paperless and smart devices to further curb the use of nature’s most precious resource.

Sustainability is not a lonely road, and through our journey, we have partnered with the United Nations Carbon Offset Platform to achieve a Certified Emission Reductions. CERs are accurate emission reduction units generated by projects launched through the UN’s Climate Change Clean Development Mechanism. The United Nations Carbon Offset platform allows organisations to support these projects and help contribute to sustainable development in developing countries.

We are, by no means, finished with the journey, but only in its inception. Our five year drive towards sustainability continues to change the way we do business and enhances the logistics industry to adopt a sustainable business model, where nature and business coalesce.


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