22nd October 2020 | 5-MIN READ

Taking care of your stock most efficiently

EFL 3PL workers scanning and receiving cargo through the HighJump WMS

Warehousing is one of the oldest services known to mankind, and it has been helping businesses with their storage needs. A warehouse, put simply, can be defined as a place that allows you to store your excess stock. However, today, warehouses aren’t just places that are confined to storing. Some companies offer extra services to look after your entire supply chain, which combines inventory management,refrigerated storing facilities and temperature sensitive automated storage facilities, managing shipments, transporting, packing, labelling and distributing goods via sea, air or land. The good thing about warehousing is that it allows businesses to create time utility because goods are released only when it is needed. 

While there is plenty of debate about whether businesses should keep warehousing in-house or outside, there are good reasons to outsource a warehouse. EFL 3PL do it because that’s what we specialize in- all day, all night, whereas your business does it because it’s necessary. And when your business forms a contract with EFL 3PL, your business is getting services from people who really know what warehousing is all about. With outsourcing your warehousing needs, you also get rid of the risk of theft and the risk of managing people who are supposed to take care of your stock. This saves both time and money.

Shopping seasons like Black Friday and Christmas would usually result in high sales numbers which also means businesses must have plenty of stocks in hand to meet the outgrowing demand. Thus, it is best to outsource a warehouse in this case, so that there is enough and more space to keep your stocks instead of trying to fit in all your stock to a small space inside your business premises which might damage the goods.

At EFL 3PL, warehouses follow lean management principles to improve warehouse space by finding the right method to store stocks, and thereby ensure that all stocks are damage-free. Most importantly, EFL 3PL warehouses are scientifically built. They consist of temperature and humidity controlled options to ensure that your stocks are stored in the right environment. Keeping your stocks in-house can be costly therefore. Especially, when it comes to building a storage space with controlled temperatures. 

Your business has things only you do best.  Managing logistics and warehouses may not include as a part of your expertise. By outsourcing a warehouse like EFL 3PL your business can focus on improving the quality of what you do well. 

EFL 3PL can handle stocks of any size, weight or shape. They are critical about time and perform damage-free. In fact, there are many good reasons to outsource a warehouse.

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