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Ways in which a 3PL Can Help Mitigate Risk in the Wake of COVID-19

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According to critics, 97% of companies have been or are affected by COVID 19, warning how the pandemic has focused a light on the requirement for more serious risk management measures.  

Being aware of their weaknesses now, it is highly likely for organizations to consider occasions like pandemics and different emergencies into their future business arranging. They are re-examining sourcing, warehousing, transportation systems, and are currently investigating a scope of procedures to ensure that they are safe against future disturbances.

For help in retooling their supply chain network, numerous organizations are turning to third-party logistics companies. Perhaps, 12.4% of organizations mean to expand their utilization of third-party logistics companies in the wake of COVID-19, as per a new study conducted by the Business Continuity Institute.

Using a 3PL can assist you with alleviating hazard in a number of ways:

  • They are considered essential

In the beginning of the pandemic, governments across the world instructed businesses that are non-essential to halt their operations for a couple of months, yet, transportation and logistics were considered essential by authorities. As a result, 3PLs were required to carry out operations even when their clients weren’t in a position to operate. Going forward, 3PLs will keep on holding this fundamental status.

  • Diversification

The pandemic uncovered the danger related to lodging all stock in one distribution facility. In the event that it's compelled to close because of contamination or extra commands, activities would go to a crushing end. With the possibility of future influxes of the Covid, most organizations are now adding offices in different areas to make a bigger dissemination impression.

Outsourcing resources and services from a partner can help businesses reduce the cost involved in building additional facilities for storing. A properly established 3PL definitely has distribution facilities in important locations across a country with the required amount of staff, equipment, and technology in place to operate them.

  •  Adaptable to the new normal

As social distancing is becoming a new standard, logistics facilities now require significantly larger areas to allow proper distancing among employees on the warehouse floor, offices, and restrooms. In general, organizations don’t invest in bigger spaces for storing and warehousing because that’s not their main business concern. Not having enough space will not allow staff to maintain a good distance and that can put them in danger with the rise of COVID 19. However, 3PLs have larger buildings and they are better prepared to adapt to the new normal by getting the staff to operate while maintaining the distance. This way, 3PLs can be flexible enough to help clients meet their requirements despite disturbances.

  • Do not require a lot of staff to operate

The quick-spreading COVID 19 holds the possibility to put an organization's whole labor force down and out, essentially overnight. For new, small organizations, this could be a massive blow.

With a shared-space and a pool of staff, a 3PL has more assets which they can really make use of at times like this. They may likewise fuse computerization and advanced mechanics arrangements like robots that can handle operations instead of deploying large numbers of staff. By doing so, the damage is minimized.

EFL 3PL offers you all the above-mentioned advantages. We are a 360 company that handles everything from clearance to assembling, warehousing, packaging, transport and distribution management. We’ve implemented transformative Robotic Process Automation (RPA) across all our distribution centres and Freeport to support day-to-day operations, making it the first 3PL to have achieved this in Sri Lanka. This also includes back-office needs and real-time dashboards for tracking, updating, and managing the supply chain operations of your business.

Sri Lanka is seeing a resurgence of the infection while trying to continue business as usual, and the potential for another round of closures has to be executed with proper procedures in place so that businesses do not end up losing. Thus, partnering up with us can help your business get going even in the midst of the worst turbulent turfs with the said benefits in place.








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